Critical Accalim

"Aaron Samuels digs into his complex multi-ethnic identity and the complicated contradictions of the world around him with humor, keen insight and passionate verve. This young writer is one to keep your eyes on as he examines contemporary America with a lens of unique and cutting intelligence. We will hear more from him. Our lives will be richer for that great fortune."

  • Jeff Kass
    Award-winning fiction writer, poet and teacher, and Literary Arts Director at Ann Arbor's Teen Center The Neutral Zone.
  "Aaron Samuel's Work presents a powerful combination of youth, wisdom, humility, and prowess. This is the beginning of a very bright career. It has been said that the most powerful and effective writers create because they have no choice other than to do so, for such, the writing is in them and they simply cannot stop; Aaron has the talent, ability and work ethic to master any field from Philosophical Inquiry to Executive Administration, yet he simply cannot stop writing. Expect big things."
  • Jared Paul
  • Two time Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist, anti-war activist, and artist in residence at the award-winning Rhode Island arts collective, AS220.
  "Aaron Samuels is the voice of change needed in this world. Watching and listening to Aaron is a sight to behold. He has found a matchless way to meld his poetic gift with his passion for social justice into brilliantly constructed performances that make listeners and readers think, question and challenge their own beliefs and ideas.  Aaron's extraordinary poetic talents and profound acumen about his multiracial identity are complemented by his deep sense of responsibility and commitment to social action. It is this powerful combination of exceptional ability and moral fortitude that enables Aaron to be an educator to our young students, and a motivational speaker to our community."
  • Karen Kalish
  • Founder of Cultural Leadership, an award-winning nonprofit organization dedicated to building awareness of privilege and injustice in St. Louis
  "If you are in search of a gripping read (or even just some exceptional prose regarding the sorts of conversations that happen in the weight room at your local YMCA), then pick this up. As both a personal reflection on the intersections of race and faith, and a unrelenting critique of U.S. empire, its impact is undeniable. Mutually Assured Destruction dazzles. In his first major book effort, Aaron Samuels gives notice to the poetry world that he is a g- force to be reckoned with. Driven by his switchblade wit, and uncanny knack for melding accessible, everyday dialogue with seamless prose and honest, gut-wrenching narratives, the poems in Mutually Assured Destruction are bound to strike a chord with anyone who has ever known the singularly joyful agony of growing up on the wrong side of 'normal.' It is a Bildungsroman par excellence, a direct window into the mind of a writer unafraid of poring through the darkest corners of the moments that have shaped him."
  • Joshua Bennett
  • star of HBO series Brave New Voices, featured poet at President Obama's Evening of Poetry and Music, published author, and doctoral candidate in English at Princeton University