Many thanks to the journals in which the poems below first appeared, some in different versions:   CAP Magazine (February 2014): "Grandpa Origin Story," "After the Funeral," "Love Lessons" Union Station Magazine (January 2014): “Fire/(Fly): the coolest Black kid ever,” “How to tell your story” HEArt Journal (January 2014): “I Made it Up,” “1986 - Mark Wahlberg assaults a black school boy while screaming racial epithets” Amethyst Arsenic (January 2014): “Bluetooth Headset,” “Magic Cell Phone” Thrush Poetry Journal (summer 2013): “Translating Jacob” The Nervous Breakdown (December 2013) “The Worst Parts of Love” Apogee Journal (spring 2013) “Letter from Octavia Butler to Rabbi Moses Maimonides” Radius Literary Journal (spring 2013): “Born,” “Broken ghazal in the voice of my brother Jacob,” “Kevin convinced me to drink” Used Furniture Review (spring 2013): “Free to choose,” “Mom explains the events that took place after her father died,” “Palmalysis” Mandala Journal (spring 2012)  when Moses didn't come home Tidal Basin Review (spring 2012) Bury Me a Man Sole Literary Journal (fall 2011) Tashlikh Muzzle Magazine (summer 2011) Which Keeps Me" and born